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Konstantin and Filip, you are doing such a great job! This short video brought me back to our Bulgarian Study Tour in 2019, an experience I will never forget. The whole organistion was perfect, we could see Bulgaria from a side, which not a lot people have the opportunity to see. And we met such great people from all over the world. Even if I didn’t watch the virtual tours (because I saw it in reality) I am sure it is worth it every single cent. Keep on going with your ideas.
Claus Manske
I was thrilled to watch the virtual tour of the distilleries! What a wonderful journey through the new and old working buildings. Filip walked us through the process from the petals arriving at the very modern distillery, with its shiny stainless steel tanks, to the incredible drawing off of the final product of rose oil. Then off we went to the original (over 100 yrs old) copper stills to watch the rose petals being processed to produce rose water (hydrosol). Thank you!
Carol Scheidel
Aromatherapist & Educator
Can't believe this incredible aroma journey is coming to an end. Within the short 6 days, I've learned so much from Filip, all the presenters, distillers and fellow participants on this amazing Bulgaria Professional Study Tour and enjoyed so much with the warm hospitality from Filip, Konstantin and all the genuine people I met during the Bulgaria journey. Heartfelt thanks to all my new friends. SOURCE:
Monna Tang
Thanks Konstantin Tzvetanov & Filip for their hard work, I’m so impressed by you guys passion for the historical business which is far beyond business. Learned so much in these several days. And so happy to meet all different people around the world in this field. SOURCE:
Rita Brown
An excellent and highly professional tour in the rose oil and water production industry in Bulgaria! I highly recommend this tour and praise the organizers! SOURCE:
Michael Zviely
This is my first Europe experience and was made very memorable because of our attentive and resourceful guide - Konstantin. Visits to the distillery, rose farms, rose picking, learning how to work with the precious rose oils in food and skincare has made the 16 hours flight from Singapore worthwhile. The delicious delicacies and cool weather were beautifully unexpected. Bulgaria has truly enchanted me. The culture, the people, the landscape has completely intrigued and impressed me. Be sure to see me next year. SOURCE:
Janice Xing Yan
Bulgaria is a very beautiful country filled with an abundance of natural beauty from walks and hikes the National Parks with beautiful ancient woods with flourishing flora and fauna with sounds of streams, creeks, and waterfalls some of which with exhilaratingly breathtaking views. I was lucky enough not only to experience the historical cities but also made some amazing and memorable rose tours from rose picking all the way to distillery of which the owner himself shared his family history and the passion is in the air! ... READ FULL REVIEW HERE:
Lam Kok Diing
This tour deserves all the stars you can give. It was an outstanding experience, the perfect combination of business, culture, leisure, socializing. I had not expected to go on a professional tour and feel like I was on vacation. The organizers did such an amazing job creating the perfect relaxed and friendly atmosphere that people from different continents, countries, and cultures, people who had never met before, felt like they had been friends forever, and not only we had fun but also shared valuable knowledge and information. READ FULL REVIEW HERE:
Ionut Bunea
I cannot believe it has been almost a month ago since I joined this tour. The organization was top-notch. This tour was a wonderful opportunity to touch the heart of the rose culture. It really was a great experience with great people in a great country. Definitely a 5 stars’ (or more if I could give) experience!! Thank you for everything and sorry for this late review, Konstantin! SOURCE:
Emika Kaji