All information and latest developments about COVID-19 in Bulgaria can be found at the designated official COVID-19 website for Bulgaria –, maintained by the Bulgarian Healthcare Ministry and the responsible Regional Health Inspectorates for each province.

First of all, we hope you are taking care, wherever that may be for you. We realize the spread of COVID-19 coronavirus may leave you concerned about traveling to Bulgaria, so we want to take a moment to reassure you, your safety and well-being remains our absolute top priority.

This year (2021) we want to do everything we can to help you book your trip to the Bulgarian Rose Valley with certainty and ease of mind. So in regard to the raging pandemic, we have adjusted our booking terms for tour packages for your benefit. If canceled 14 days or more before the tour arrival date, you will receive a 100% refund.

Once in Bulgaria, we encourage all travelers to take precautionary measures to protect themselves and others, including frequent handwashing, use of disinfectants, social distancing (as much as possible), and to respect health safety regulations in place.

We will continue to provide necessary updates and information regarding travel in Bulgaria. If you have questions or concerns about your upcoming Bulgaria Study Tour or accommodation, please contact us. Our team is here to help and answer all your questions.


What will happen in 2021?

Now that we know a vaccine is already in its final stage of the certification process in Europe, as well as in the USA (Pfizer and Moderna so far), we are optimistic the pandemic will be over sooner rather than later. We are excited to plan the perfect Rose trip with you for 2021.

What happens to the prepaid funds I've paid, in case your company goes bankrupt because of the virus?

We understand why you may be worried about that. Bulgaria Study Tour Ltd. is a fully licensed tour operator, licensed by the Bulgarian Ministry of Tourism fulfilling all legal obligations and have provided a declaration of guarantee through a bank in the event of bankruptcy or cessation of the agency's operations. This means we have insolvency insurance and you can book with us with ease of mind.

More questions?

BST is here for you. We understand you may have concerns or worries and we welcome you to contact us with any question you may have.