Bulgaria is recognised worldwide as the country of roses. The rose is our national symbol. Bulgarian rose oil with over 350 years of history and tradition is a key ingredient in the flavours and fragrance industry. It has also found its place and has growing impact in the aromatherapy, cosmetics, foods and pharmaceutical industries.

During this 5 day trip in the peak of the rose season, you, together with other knowledgeable F&F industry people from a variety of countries, will meet the main Bulgarian rose oil processing and exporting companies as well as producers of F&F and finished cosmetics products. Most time will be spent visiting factories and fields where you will pick roses, talk to local farmers, see a typical rose pickers’  village and learn all about the secrets of the Bulgarian rose from dedicated industry specialists.

The majority of the rose producers in Bulgaria are growing and distilling other essential oil crops as well. Do you know that Bulgaria has become the biggest producer of lavender oil in the world? And melissa oil— with growing production over 1 ton?

The people who will meet and greet you at the factories, who will talk and drink a glass of rakia (a typical local alcoholic beverage) with you are the owners of the companies who have dedicated their entire life to this industry and you will have the opportunity to ask and learn.

Finally, the aim is to achieve all these objectives with only a week away from the office.

Climate-wise late May/early June is a very good time to visit; the usually dry weather conditions will facilitate mobility.

Visas to Bulgaria, an EU country, are either not necessary or easily obtainable (see visa requirements)

And last, but not least, you will have the opportunity to learn about Bulgaria’s fascinating culture while staying at the best hotels Bulgaria can offer and enjoying traditional homemade local country cuisine.